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Social Media in 2019


Social media will continue to grow, evolve and be a key platform for businesses well beyond 2019. It’s important that we continue to keep up with the trends and best practices each year, so we don’t get left behind. If you’re looking for ways you can optimize your social media marketing strategy this year (and beyond), read on.


1 Keep a Strong Core Message

When you sit down to create your posts (or have someone else do so) make sure you have a clear brand message to follow. While you’ll often want to post about different topics and current trends, your core message should remain constant throughout. For example, Nike may post about all different kinds of sports and physical activity for a wide range of levels around the world, but their core message to get physical (“just do it”) in technical sportswear that makes you look and feel good, whether you’re a pro or a beginner, is always there.


2 Reply to Every Comment and Message

Yes, this is hard to do, but you have an opportunity to forge genuine connections with your potential and current customers.

Replying to comments not only makes your business seem more trustworthy, but it also creates brand loyalty in those who communicate with you and those who see it.


3 Develop a Brand Voice

All your posts should have the same tone and same recognizable personality.

You know how Wendy’s posts are sassy, and Bed, Bath & Beyond is all about spending time out on the patio catching some sun and drinking wine?

Your brand voice should speak directly to your customer and be repeatable in each post.

If you aren’t sure what voice your business should have, think about words to describe your brand and the business’s founders. Is it playful or serious?

Are your customers highly motivated young professionals who want products that make them feel good and impress their friends and neighbors, or are they more interested in escaping the rat race at the bar and their plans for Friday and Saturday nights?

Also, consider where your customers live; if your customers are all within a certain area cater the voice to speak their language.

The language native Chicagoans respond to will be completely different to those from New Orleans.


4 Use Video

Like it or not, video is hugefor 2019. Not only are marketers seeing engagement with videos skyrocket, but the platforms themselves are pushing for it and will promote your video posts over images and text.

They see an opportunity to keep users on their platforms for even longer, and even LinkedIn sees much better engagement with video posts.


Whatever practices you choose to try, make sure you continue to test and analyze how they perform for the business.

Do more of what works until you hit gold on (almost) every post.



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